House Clearings - Three packages exist:

   Package 1: We will come to your home, complete a walk-through with a psychic/medium, provide a smudging ceremony or have the        home blessed. Price: $250

   Package 2: We will come to your home, complete a walk-through with a psychic/medium, we will also have a research team uncover        the history of your home and provide a report. We will then provide a resolution to your activity (smudging, blessings, etc.) dependent    upon our findings. Price $750

   Package 3: A no-questions asked smudging ceremony. Simply put, a fantastic remover of all energies negative (unpleasant house              guests, past tenants, in-laws, etc. Price: $175

Clearing of Haunted/Possessed Artifacts - Two visits allow us to study the item: record, photograph and document its nature. One further visit removes the item from your home and disposes of it safely or clears the energy and has it remain in your home or business. Price: $250

Counter-Curses/Hex-Removal - Three sessions usually define, examine and remove the curse/hex. Understand that we will not suggest that you have been cursed or hexed. You must have knowledge of the presence of a curse/hex before contacting us. In some instances, the curse/hex is more psychological than spiritual. In the event of that determination, we will refer you to a professional mental health associate and their own fees would be independent from our own. Price: $750

Occult Consultation - We have done consultations ranging from disturbed home-owners associations to church administration (regardless of the religion). Fear activity that demonstrates a 'cult' or occult activity? Sometimes these activities are the basis for foreign or misunderstood practices. Sometimes they aren't. We will research the activity and uncover the basis for the activity. Suggestions are then turned over to your association and--in the case of illegal activity--over to the appropriate authorities. Rate: $200 per hour

Other services are negotiated at our base rate of $200 per hour. . .