Utilizing the best resources in secular, religious or spiritual realms. We will assist in the following:

1. House Clearings - Do you have unexplained activity in your home and want it resolved? Have you become frightened or unnerved by the activity in your home? Do your children speak to unseen guests or exhibit inexplicable behavior? We can rectify and resolve any unrest in your home. Utilizing a two pronged approach, our psychic/medium completes a walk-through of your home and identifies trouble areas. Our research team will attempt to uncover any significant history in your home or family that may cause the disturbances. An agreed upon solution is then approached that restores you home as a haven for your family.

2. Curses/Hex Removal - Has it been communicated to you that you have been cursed/hexed? We will determine the root of the curse or hex and restore your independence and free will. A large majority of curses and hexes are largely psychological. No matter the nature of the situation, we will outline a plan involving whichever professional is required.

3. Haunted Artifacts - Do you have an item that has a 'life of it's own'? Through the course of our investigations, we have seen dolls, masks, statues, carvings, paintings, furniture, toys and jewelry that possesses a great deal of paranormal energy and activity. We can assist in clearing the energy. In most cases, we do so without destroying the object.

4. Occult Research and Consulting - Due to the years of encountering rituals and practices of varying religions, beliefs and cultures, we can confidently aid in the research of matters dealing with ritualistic practices.

5. Contact us no matter what Dark Dealingsā„¢ have clouded your path.